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metro pcs Reviews

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  • Complaint abt Tara

    I am a current customer at MetroPCS and the store i WAS going to at 5000 S Federal Blvd Evglewood, Co 80110. On thursday sept 3rd, I took my 13yo son in to get a phone upgrade and Tara was the supposed customer svc rep and the ONLY employee in the store. From the moment we stepped in the store she has a snotty look on her face and snotty attitude towards us. She told us that our phone came with a free case. She then tried to charge us $125 for phone, activation service and case, aka, "bundle". A bundle that we did not ask for, if the case was not free i didnt want it,... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Evedeweese's Picture   Evedeweese    0 Comments   Comments
  • Authorized MetroPCS Dealer 509 W Rancier Ave

    I was brought into a plan that I did not want. I dont know why your representatives have to lie to get customers in. I switched from sprint to your company and wanted to get the$40 plan and your representative said I COULD not get that , that ineeded to get the$60 plan. Since I thought it was odd to havea customer get what theydidnt wantedi recorded the transaction without this person knowing...needless to say im a upset customer because thats the reason I switched companies.. DISHONEST, UNTRUSTWORTHY people in your company!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    morena254's Picture   morena254    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very very unhappy

    I've just switched to metro pcs a week ago and I'm not happy with their services. I cannot send text messages because it does not work. I can't use internet because there is no service. I called customer service and they did a reset to all my phones but it only last for about an hour then it goes back to the same problem. And in their costumer services, one of their people told me that I had to tell the truth about what was going on with the phone, which I think is very unrespectable because I'm calling for a problem with the services, so now I'm ready to switch... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    LuisChavez3's Picture   LuisChavez3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Metro PCS coverage and support

    Online coverage cover 4G Lite on the area I went to work but when I got there... no signal, no 4G, no nothing. Completely dead. Even in the office I worked, everyone carriers like ATT, TMobil (the worse one), Sprint, Verizon even Cricket have service and signal. MetroPCS is completely dad. Called the MetroPCS Customer care, they complained that my cell couldn't get the good signal and suggest to change the new device. I placed a new one, guess what? No confirmation #, no order# but Metro PCS charge full amount on my AMEX card. Called back to tech sale and he provided me the... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    pepevo's Picture   pepevo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    I havent had my phone a year and I'm debating on going back to my old carrier. I'm on the $60 plan which is suppose to be unlimited 4g, but my phone stays on 2g. I can no longer load up pictures off of the internet nor play videos. I can go all day without a text or call and all of a sudden all my texts and voicemails come through. I have missed very important texts and calls because of the poor service. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    est1984's Picture   est1984    0 Comments   Comments
  • extremely disappointed

    I have been a metro pcs customer for YEARS! In the last month I've had trouble with cells phones. I recently visited my local metro store and walked away with what i thought was a great phone deal...unfortunately, i didn't ask enough questions and the representative did a very poor job explaining what i was getting into. I have requested their help on three different occassions to figure out how i can get the phone plan and service that best fits my needs yet I'm being totally ignored. I hate that i can be such a loyal customer for so many years and give this company my $ yet... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    lynnette816's Picture   lynnette816    1 Comments   Comments
  • Metro Online access - Terms & Conditions

    Been with Metro PCS for a few years now and the past few months I have not been able to log in and access my account on their website. When logging on their Terms & Conditions pop up and ask you to accept them and when I do I get a message: Unable to accept Terms & Conditions. Called at least 3 times to their customer service and they said they would submit my issue to their tech support dept. Only once did I get a call back saying my ticket was closed and I should be able to log in to my account, which I still cannot. anyone come across this issue? More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    bmgz61's Picture   bmgz61    0 Comments   Comments
  • Syrika Powell account issues

    Good morning, My number is 2029104934 and I have not being able to use my phone fir a whole my since Huly 4th. I went into the store and the customers service representative at the Alabama Se Washington D.C. location, explain to me that I had more the one number added to my account. I was not aware of this when I purchase the phone assuming I was the only account holder. They claim to have corrected the matter in which I paid the bill and came home . Not rven two hours later and my phone was off. I called the 611 number and the representative informed that somelbe else name was,on my... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    syrikasp45's Picture   syrikasp45    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been with MetroPCS for a little over a year now, but i just recently got the Samsung Galaxy 4GLte mobile phone. With my last phone I had this same problem I just thought it was the device, turns out it I not. My 4G data is horrible. I cannot load videos on YouTube nor anywhere for that matter! I have close friends that have the same service and mobile phone as well and they do not have this problem. I am VERY DISSATISFIED With my service. I hope you will see this and look into it. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Signal and data connection

    I have had metro pcs since 2009 and I have never had a problem with them until recently, I lose signal and data connection all the time, all my calls are dropping. I called metro they said there was no connection problems in my area and refreshed all of my phones connection it did absolutely nothing. I changed phone's and even upgraded my plan to a higher one and it still did nothing! Very annoyed and want to switch to another phone company! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • mobile phone piece of shit

    Your service sucks. You charge three dollars to pay your bill. That is a rip off. Then half the time the phone doesn't work properly. If I'm paying for service I expect my phone to work properly. And to be a prepaid monthly the prices on your phones are outrageous. I'm tired of the shitty ass service. And this is coming from new jersey . get it together before you lose a lot of long term customers. And if your riding on T-Mobile network. You shouldnt have bad service. Not pleased at all!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    wmj2887's Picture   wmj2887    0 Comments   Comments
  • metro pcs

    To whom it may concern I have been a metro pcs customer for years but being forced to switch providers if I can't get the problem resolved! For the past 2 weeks my service has been horrible I haven't been able to watch video's or download certain texts. Please help me resolve the issue! I've also had problems receiving calls. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Debbie Durham More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    kaloagirl's Picture   kaloagirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Intermittent Service

    I am VERY DISSATISFIED with Metro PCS service! For the past 2 months, I have called or visited a store due to NO SERVICE. I have called in numerous times only to go through the same type of troubleshooting steps that are ineffective. Then, before my request for a credit can be addressed, the call miraculously gets disconnected! Lately, I have persevered and called back and forced the CSR to respond to my request for a credit after they continuously evaded my request! Then, when they finally offered me a credit, the first offer was $5, and after demanding a manager, the second offer was... More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    Ok I am very upset because I calledetro PCs today and wanted to change my 8 digit pin and password and the rep said I should just do high security and when I did I asked if ivcould register on line and the rep said yes only now all I have to give is a password instead of 8 digit code so when I registered it said I could not due to high security so I called metro back and now the rep sounds all distrout and said " oh no this is high security you have to go to a store I'm so frustrated and why would you do this this way makes no sence More...
  • Refuses Written Confirmations

    Just spent another wasted hour with these jerks. After a forced upgrade our bill increased $3/month. Front line operators cut of off once and pretended not to hear us once. Third time asked for supervisor. He could do nothing and would not restore our old plan so went to next level supervisor who continually spoke on top of me then asserted that I was "threatening" him to get an excuse to hang up. At each stage we were refused a written confirmation of our charges. Charges that changed from $38 to $9 to $40 to $41. Without a written confirmation they can deny or... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • No Connection Service

    Metropcs 1029 Arnold Dr. Martinez, CA. Got in on the new upgrade from my old Samsung Contour flip phone (of which I got great service in my home)to a Samsung Galaxy 4g "Light". Get home,FULL BARS, no service for calls,voicemail, texting! Constantly showing "Not Registered on Network"..Wouldn't even charge properly! Went to the store, was told to go to Corporate store. Employee called Customer service and was told, "I have to just take my phone where I can get a connection!" WHAT the HE##??? I have to drive somewhere to get it! And of course it was a... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Metro Pcs, Arnold Dr. Martinez, CA

    Metro pcs, Arnold Dr.,Martinez, CA store. I went in and got a free upgrade, turned in my no longer network supported Samsung Contour flip phone (of which I got great service in my home). Got a Samsung Galaxy 4g Light. Got home and couldn't call out/in, couldn't get Voicemails nor Texts. Even with full bars...keep getting "Not Registered on Network" message. One second I have bars, the next none! Went into the store and complained, employee contacted customer service and they said, "You have to go where your phone works". So, I have to drive in my car no... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Lynster's Picture   Lynster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Potential customer experience

    I went into your store today to buy a new phone and now may not come back. The service i received at your store in phoenix AZ 16th street and baseline rd was the worst I have experienced. Not to mention how rude and hostile the rep was not only to myself but to a current customers who just help with his phone I personally felt for my safety due to the reps hostile attitude when I asked her for her managers info. She said do you have a problem with me getting very hostile. This employee needs to termed... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    wiggles2011's Picture   wiggles2011    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Serivce in lake worth, fl

    I was having a problem with my brand new phone and was returning it to the location where it was purchased for a replacement. The staff sent me to Metropcs 4469 South Congress Ave, Suite 122 Lake Worth, FL 33461 I approached the customer service person- JOSEPH Shawshi. This was a young man presumably in his 20's who provided some of the worse customer service I have encountered in the 11 years I have been in Lake Worth, Florida. I explained to JOSEPH that we were sent from the other store to pick up a replacement phone. He immediately responded in a defensive manher stating that it... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • metropcs

    i purchased a zte zmax phone and after the second date its not working and its nothing they can do. he said he have to order me a phone and the phone will be refurbished I don't think its fair because I paid 176.00 for a brand new phone. I told him he needs to get me a phone from her and he told me he don't have any more which is a lie.. they teach the employees to lie to the customers.. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    msbam's Picture   msbam    0 Comments   Comments
  • No cellphone service

    I bought my LG6 from Metro Pcs it was working fine where I lived until I moved about 7 miles 15 minutes away from where I used to live.I can't use my phone in or around my apartment there is no data signal. I did a little research by asking my neighbors did they have trouble with thier mobile signal and what do you know everyone who has Metro Pcs or Tmobile phones can't use them in thier apartments either we all have to go out of the complex to get any signal bars. I contacted Metro Pcs at least 10 times trying to resolve this issue. But all I get is the run around. I pay my... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • service issues

    I paid my bill on the first and they sent me a text saying i had to pay another53 dollars fifteen days later. So I call customer service where the woman continued to tell me i would have to pay iit even tho it was clearly stated I would pay 53 dollars for 30 days. So i asked to speak to her manager 4 times in a row and she kept telling me that the managers would not be able to help me at this point I was in tears and so she said she would put me on hold and try to get a manager then she hung up!! This is the rudest worst company i have ever had service with and my issue is still not... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Refund please

    Product:1025kickstand, $19.99 I purchased this case three days ago, as soon as I put it on I hated it, figured I could exchange it, I went yesterday but they we're already closed an hour early, so I went today, asked if I could exchange it,which by the way, the employee, nor on the receipt or anywhere visible does it say no returns or exchanges on accessories.and we all know in business if it's not written or was not stated then you must return it. the two employees offered no help or sympathy, said no they could not return, and I said how about an exchange, and they said no... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Help

    Well i switched services hoping to have the new promo plan, I bought the zmax zte and the service was still throttled. That phone messed up. So i bought another phone, the galaxy s5 hoping it would work better and ill get what i pay for. I had to get a new number and pay another bill 2 days after, because it wasn't 90 days to upgrade so i did. Cool, but the service is horrible i live in dallas tx 75246. I spent over 1000$ bucks with you this past month! Im so disappointed omg! Its so damn slow. What do i do? More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Terrible Customer Service

    Every time I have tried to make a payment with my debit card in the last few days they have said my card number is invalid. I've been paying with This card for months, I used it at other stores and online with NO problem. I tried paying online & over the phone, I was forced to go in to a store. I had to pay a 3.00 fee for something that is apparently going on with THEIR systems. The guy at MetroPCS was SO rude, he didn't care about the problem. He told me to pay or get OUT he didn't have time for me. He waved me off, was Rude - even pushed me out of the store. People were... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Angryone's Picture   Angryone    0 Comments   Comments
  • Metro PCS Misadvartisment

    the seller was advertising a phone on sale after mail in rebate of $80 to be $70. I called and talk to a representative on Jan 25th, i believe to ask about this offer and when told her that the store I went in to didn't know about this price, she told me i can still email the rebate form and get that $80 rebate. After a month I found that my rebate was rejected because it was not at a participant store. I called the customer service (which is hellish to try to get any representative), and talked to some one, who for her credit I'll say she was nice and tried to help, till i found... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    TS08's Picture   TS08    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely disappointed customer

    I bought a phone yesterday, the girl didn't give me a receipt or anything. I went back 30 minutes later to return the phone. The girl told me the quality of the camera was good and it wasn't, it actually sucks. The call quality sucks sounds like the person I'm talking to is in a bubble and the swipe feature doesn't even work properly. They told me it's a final sale and there's nothing they can do I had to call corporate to get a refund. I called corporate this morning and they said there's nothing they can do I have to go back to the store I bought it... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Adrianna's Picture   Adrianna    2 Comments   Comments
  • Gimmick just always trying to take people money

    I just paid my cell phone bill with hot spot and etc. I receive a text message from metro piece of shit saying that i have to pay another five dollars for mobile hot spot. When i first started this service my bill was 50 every month including the hot spot! A two months ago i receive a text saying my bill is now 60$ a month so of course im assuming i still have my hot spot and insurance well no i was wrong had togo back and pay an extra five for the hotspot and another five for insurance. They are just rip offs! I will no longer be with them after this month! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    cfos1991's Picture   cfos1991    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not Happy with Huawei Valiant from Metro PCS

    Purchased the Huawei Valiant from Metro PCS in October 2014 and by December 2014, the phone completely froze and will not turn back on now. Brought it to the store where I bought the phone to get another one since I had just bought it and was told that they could not replace the phone. After arguing with them for a while, they gave me a USED phone with a cracked screen. The phone that they gave me is TERRIBLE ( Blu Dash Jr. 4.0 ) - cannot download any apps due to NO storage space and any incoming calls are thrown directly into voicemail. VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    karid1972's Picture   karid1972    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Employees,Deceptive Practices

    I was mislead about the return policy which is not displayed anywhere in the store. The policy is only located at the bottom of the sales slip which is deceitful because you have to buy the item to receive it and by that time it is already to late. When I tried to ask them if I could return them I was given the run around, spoken down to, and lied on right to my face. I asked the employee Matthew to call a manager and he refused. I was at the Metro PCS store on E. Warren in Detroit, MI. The man Matthew was rude, disrespectful and basically told me there was nothing I could do about it. His... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Glo2083's Picture   Glo2083    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rebate Offer never received

    Placed rebate paperwork in July 2014. In Dec 2014, rebate customer service said it was shipped in Sept 2014. I never received the rebate and asked for assistance. Their is a balance on the card of $6.00. However I do not have the card, the card was put in someone else's mailbox and metropcs does not ask for credentials to assure that the user on the card is who received the rebate. No checks and balances and someone else was allowed to use the money. I could file a fraud complain with their bank (why do I have to do this) and the bank MAY credit back the money? BUT, I DO NOT... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    gia072012's Picture   gia072012    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sorry customer service and sorry overpriced phones

    I purchased the LG series that came with a mail in $70 rebate. Never received it and when I called about it they said it was mailed in late. Funny thing about it is I mailed it in as soon as I purchased the phone and they had just started deal or should I say gimmick. I don't know how I could have mailed it and it didn't get there for two months or more. I know postal service is slow and all but not that slow. I have recently left metro pcs do to crappie service and over priced phones that they don't stand behind. My $400 plus phone took a crap 7 months after getting it and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    JustinDorsett's Picture   JustinDorsett    0 Comments   Comments
  • Requested unlock code 16 DAYS ago, have NOT received!

    I have been a loyal customer since July. Paid my bill on time each month too. I bought a new phone at beginning of October. I brought it onto Metro account from another service provider. I sold my old phone that I had bought through MetroPCS. The person I sild to cannot use it without the unlock code. I originally requested this unlock code from MetroPCS customer service on 10/5/14. I waited the 3-4 days they said it would take. Called back after the allotted time and they did not have unlock code. My email was never entered into the system, so I obviously could not be sent an unlock code.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Requested unlock code 16 DAYS ago, have NOT received!

    I have been a loyal customer since July. Paid my bill on time each month too. I bought a new phone at beginning of October. I brought it onto Metro account from another service provider. I sold my old phone that I had bought through MetroPCS. The person I sild to cannot use it without the unlock code. I originally requested this unlock code from MetroPCS customer service on 10/5/14. I waited the 3-4 days they said it would take. Called back after the allotted time and they did not have unlock code. My email was never entered into the system, so I obviously could not be sent an unlock code.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Example: Metro PCS Deceptive rebate practices

    We purchased two phones from Metro Pcs in Hemet California. We were told by the sales associate that we would receive $70.00 automatic rebate on each phone in 3 to 4 months. We waited 5 months after checking with the store twice we called Metro customer service. We were told the rebates were coming. After another month we called Metro customer service again. This time we were told we had to file the rebate application but the time had expired on the rebate period. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After 30 minutes I spoke with a supervisor. She told me that we had to go back to the store... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • metro pcs misleading sales tactics

    Purchased headphones. Asked prior too purchase off i could return them as they as they were a gift. Was told i have7 days to return. I brought them back the next day and told i had to speak to a manager. I turned the next day and manager told me i couldn't return them due to policy of no returns off accessories. Her response was they have a new hire. Asked for district manager and corporate number. Was then told district manager was on vacation and she didn't have corporates number. Help please! Lying to consumers to get commission....... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Metro pcs Not getting important calls,

    So me and my wife have been loyal customer's to metro pcs for years, but that is going to change because my daughter had an accident in school she fell and hit her head on some monkeybars her school repeatedly tried calling both my wife and I, neither one of our phones rang, I have read that data/calls are on the same wave so if an application is updating it goes straight to voicemail. .. I have missed calls from my mother, and other's I bet you can imagine I'm property Fed up witj the service especially when I take the phone into the store and no one knows anything but to... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Frankiev813's Picture   Frankiev813    0 Comments   Comments

    (Mobile Phones)
  • Metro PCS - Service Misrepresentation

    I just signed up with Metro PCS - for the 4G network at a service fee of $60.00 for unlimited talk and text. I tried calling them just now and even though I am using my service with them they claim I do not have an account. How ridiculous is THAT! I also noticed that my service options are t-Mobile 3G or AT&T 3g/2g. This means although they claim that I am on a 4g network - I am actually only on a 3g or 2g network..This of course is causing large delays and frequent timeouts. Finding that this company is not fulfilling its service commitments to me. WHAT A SUPRISE! Dang it! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    gfortier's Picture   gfortier    1 Comments   Comments
  • One Happy Customer of All Cellular Metro PCS

    I visited the 2532 North University Dr Coral Springs, FL location and I was treated very nice by the manager there. His name was Waheed. He helped me exchange a cell phone that I was not happy with and he gave me a samsung galaxy. I could not be happier with this new cell phone and he also gave me a free protection screen for the samsung and he gave me a free anti shock case to protect my new samsung. Thank you Waheed you are the best. I would highly recommend his store location to anybody seeking professional service. Regards, Brian Sheridan Coral Springs, FL More...
    (Mobile Phones)

metro pcs Reviews By Product


metro pcs Comments

Murph1019 says: (12 months ago)
Every time I call customer service thay are always saying that there system is down. .and at that point I can not ever get my issue or issues resolved. ..don't understand why there system is always thay need to stop having people who can not speak the American language or people who have a very strong accent makes it hard for people to understand whoever it is ...but my biggest complaints is that there system is always down or part of system is down...i actually call metro today about an issue bit of course system was down and now my issue was not taken car of...

annebooboo says: (1 year ago)
Having a problem now with them now. Now the district manager doesent even call back. left three messages. I will never go back to this compay again. They lied and cheated me.

karid1972 says: (1 year ago)
Purchased the Huawei Valiant from Metro PCS in October 2014 and by December 2014 the phone completely froze up and now will not turn back on. I brought the phone back to the store where I bought it and was told there was nothing they could do. I expected to be given a new phone since I had JUST bought it, but that did not happen. After arguing with sales person, they finally gave me a phone to use. BUT...the phone (Blu Dash Jr. 4.0) they gave me is used, BRIGHT YELLOW and has a cracked screen!!! This phone is just as bad as the Valiant. Was only able to download ONE app and if I tried to download anymore, it would tell me that I had no internal data storage. Plus....any incoming calls that I get go straight to voicemail. Just waiting for my company phone to come in so that I can drop Metro PCS!!!! Very unhappy!

EricGonzalez says: (1 year ago)

EricGonzalez says: (1 year ago)

chrisfrom508 says: (2 years ago)
Metro PCS has got to be the largest scam company going. The one thing i do get is decent coverage but that is only due to them being on Tmobile. Customer service is horrible can never talk with some one whos 1st language is english. The coperate store i have to deal with is appalling. I had a phone that i paid insurance on for almost a year die on me and they said i needed to pay them 99 dollars to make a claim. The phone only cost 150 new. They then wanted to charge me 15 dollars to reactivate my old phone. Nothing but hidden charges, I get 1 gb of internet 4g speed on my 3g phone then it goes down to 2g speed. That is ridiculous when at least 3g is the norm. If I can steer one person away from this crap service and go to a different prepaid provider please do.

dejue says: (2 years ago)
i live in pheonix az i thought moveing to metropcs would be a great idea it started out ok.they convenced me to try the smart pay i did and was approved for a very good amount so i took avantage of it.the clerk wasent sure what she was donig she called her manager on the phone and was takeing care of it that way.i payed evrything she said and i was very happy then two days passed and they shut off my servce. i admediately went to the store were i got it done to find out what was happening.they proceeded to tell me she didnt charge me correctly and wanted me to pay more to get it back on.i told them i had no more money and im not the one who messed up WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR THERE MISTAKE!!!!!!!! i was told i had to return my phone witch was the galaxy mega.and i had to barrow money to get a very cheap phone so i could keep in touch with my family and clients.the managers of the stores on 35th ave and van buren and 35th ave and southren who are leaged were rude and wernt trying to help me in any way they were just trying to cover there own back sides they told me it was smart pays problem and in fact it was theres im not a happy custermer in any way i left cricket under the inpression this was a better company if this DOSENT GET TAKEN CARE OF i wil just go back to cricket they will do me RIGHT maybe i should have stayed my email is lantz601@gmail .com

dmoorehead says: (2 years ago)
Hi - I am having an issue with Metro PCS and Smart Pay, they told me smart pay was interest free, just like 90 days same as cash. I have more than paid off my phones - I have paid $1316.34 and the phones cost $701.46. I am owed a refund of $614.88 and I cannot get them to stop charging my bank account. Please help me get this refund. The smartpay website does not list the original balance and how much you owe, it only tracks your payments. It is not user friendly and seems shady.

ihatemetro says: (2 years ago)
Metro PCs is AWFUL. I have it now, and trust me if you sign up with them you will always be angry with your phone and the poor service. Im definitely switching phone company's asap. I'd rather use a track phone, works better.

bcristalyz says: (2 years ago)
im a customer that walks in the store and asked of of the employees at metro store located on columbus dr in tampa fl to pay for my bill and also to ask a couple of question regarding some issues with mny account. so when i get to a representative namned "jovannie" to ask him why has people been calling me when they call my phones says that it was currently disconnected so he answers me "ma'am what do you expect its metro" i dont think he was supposed to answer me like that i mean i know its really cheap service but i pay with hard erad money for good service. then he teels me i have to pay an extra 10 dollars didnt know how to explain it to me why . me fusterrated left the store very angry i am not happy for sevice i recieved that day. if someone can please contact me about my account please do so at the following 8135621812 or my name is igdalys garcia a very unsatisfied customer!!!

Cate says: (2 years ago)
MetroPcs i brought a $50 phone card that doesnt work on my phone. WTF! why is ur phone card not allowed to some of the phone I bought at metropcs store!!! that is very unfair!! I cant get my money back!!

otamang says: (2 years ago)
I am a metro pcs customer for little over 5 years. I had five other lines in my plan. My dad drop his phone and broke it. They wanted me to change plan when I was going to replace it with new phone. I had to cancel all the lines because I was not satisfied with the reason thay gave me. Today I came to know samsung galaxy s3 I have is not going to work any more. I paid over $500 but I can't give it to them for $199. I feel like this company is nothing more than cheater. I would like to suggest anyone not to buy any smart phones from this company. They change the plans and you will not be able to use yours expensive phones any more next day. They will ask you to buy another. I hate this shit.

otamang says: (2 years ago)
I am a metro pcs customer for little over 5 years. I had five other lines in my plan. My dad drop his phone and broke it. They wanted me to change plan when I was going to replace it with new phone. I had to cancel all the lines because I was not satisfied with the reason thay gave me. Today I came to know samsung galaxy s3 I have is not going to work any more. I paid over $500 but I can't give it to them for $199. I feel like this company is nothing more than cheater. I would like to suggest anyone not to buy any smart phones from this company. They change the plans and you will not be able to use yours expensive phones any more next day. They will ask you to buy another. I hate this shit.

steve1965 says: (2 years ago)
I'm a 5 -yr customer for metro.I liked the first 4yrs.and 9- months. Now I seriously hate metro. They've put me through hell the past 3months. Been paying by phone with credit card and it wit was awesome till December 2013...I usually call 611 give the info and in 5minutes done, not this past December I called and automated voice said card invalid!I then called to get an agent, same thing invalid card.I figured something was wrong and tried later twice.I was told by agent to call master card, I did and was told I had sufficient funds and metro pcs charged me 3Times for service fees$3 -a pop.So metro said my card was invalid but took money from it, how if it was supposedly invalid. Now master card also charged me for several balance inquiries.I spent 7 hours on the phone for nothing,I then had to pay a cab driver $45 for a trip to the nearest metro store 12 -miles away,I'm disabled and can't drive but if I didn't go I'd have no phone at all. Now, January I get the same run around but 4 1/2 hours later billing finally approved the card.Now its February and now my card was declined yet again, I call master card and they charged fees again on a card they said is invalid.look at all the time and effort it took just to pay a phone bill. The cab ride cost me one weeks worth of food money so I had to without. If they don't get it together I'll have to drop them and do without a phone till I find a new provider.I was once a happy metro customer,I even talked several of my friends into switching to metro pcs, one of them is having the same problem. I'm going to blog this every chance I get, I want everyone to know metro went downhill, they wasted my time,money I really needed and frustration beyond human capacity...sad.

jay1bran2 says: (2 years ago)
I switched to metro pcs because they had a promo for $50 if you switch to their service. That was 6 mos. Ago. Iv'e had a problem with metro every mo that never gets resolved. Iv'e had solicitors call from every state in the country because metro sold my number to them. On top of it, i still have yet to receive the $50 i was supposed to get in 8-10 wks for changing to metro. I have several family members who also have metro, and they too have many complaints. DO NOT USE METRO PCS NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY SAY THEY WILL PAY YOU TO SWITCH!C

bootsie501 says: (3 years ago)
So i was texting my friend, and out of nowhere my phone froze. So as usual i restarted it and for the like third time it came back on with no reception im so fucking angry towards metro peice of shit because this is like my whole fucking time with this supposed 4g phone that was like $120 like what the fuck?! This happened a few hours ago and i dont know jow long its going to last because i usually have reception and ive pretty much done everything i can to get it to work(pretty much turning it off and on like 20 times) and it still wont work, the last tine this happened a week ago it laseted for about ten hours, i am so displeast and angry toward the METRO PEICE OF SHIT company and will be swithching mine and my whole familys plan as soon as were abe so as of now tell me what the fucl is up with my phone

fuckmetropcs says: (3 years ago)
Im from bakersfield ca and the signal is shit fix it cause ur fine business will never be for lang thats y us buyers call u metro peace of shit ur survive is bad ur phones network ur workers up ur game cause ur just scamers the signal is so fucked u cant aacall or get on network thats not business its a scandal and us costumers we buy ur shity network cause it cheaper but we didnt know ud screw us over and be bitches so fix ur signal cause this shits wack and if yall dont ull pay bigtime ull never have not one penny after ll them mother fuckers sew u guys so fuck u metro ur a peace of shit ....

lima says: (3 years ago)
THe service of Metro PCS or Metro piece of ,,,,,,,, is the worst starting from the Regional Manager. I returned my phone in 2 days I caan't get my money because I went over the 60 minutes (4 minutes) Metro can't provide me with a report, if I add the phone calls I come up with 41 minutes and 6 seconds. Metro is screwing people

dawngard5 says: (3 years ago)
i have their coolpad, i have 4g all signal bars but it took 45 minutes to pull up 1 google serch, on top of that, most of the time text messages wont send, the keyboard only works 2% of the time, 80% of the time i call it hangs up all by its self..."call in progress.. call ended" WTF. my 3g sprint phone, no signal, loads better than this peice of s***.

elisenoel1989 says: (3 years ago)

It is a JOKE and more hassle then its worth.
Please if you are looking to start service or you are a Metropcs customer DO NOT USE METRO PCS I will explain why.. After being a loyal customer for 12 months I began noticing that my bill would become due 2-3 weeks after paying the $50 for a month. I then signed up for ewallet and paid thru my bank so I could get a receipt with the date I paid my bill. When you get a no contract phone the whole reason being so you dont have a specific due date every month and instead you pay monthly when you can and if you can't pay the bill you just dont have a phone until you pay. Well a little over 2 weeks after paying for my service I got a text saying please pay $50 or your service will shut off. I called and went thru 3 representatives, 2 hang ups, and waiting on hold for 45 minutes when I finally got thru to a supervisor Jose. When I explained my story to Jose he rudely told me that if I read the terms and conditions it states when you start your service you get a due date and even if you wait to pay the bill a day before your due date ON YOUR DUE DATE SERVICE WILL BE SHUT OFF AND YOU HAVE TO PAY A WHOLE MONTH AGAIN and there is nothing they can do about me being screwed out of a whole months service. This to me is basically stealing from my family and I considering if I pay for a months service I should be entitled to a whole month (30-31 days). What is the point of having a no contract phone if you still have a due date and if you pay, no matter what day your service will be shut off on that due date. I have had both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile and I have never heard of this policy in my life before. I am trying to warn off anyone that is looking for a new phone service Customer service reps hang up on you, will laugh at you before being very rude and disrespectful, and they will basically STEAL from you (I do call it stealing because they take your money and tell you its for a month but you only get 2-3 weeks service) and then you can't even contact the corporate office to file a complaint. The only person you can complain to is the supervisor and good luck with that. Please take this advice and choose another company. I have a $210 phone and will no longer pay for metropcs service..instead I will throw the phone away and wash my hands clean of this dirty company before I ever go thru them again. Thanks for listening and please like/share this to spread the word about this company as I just want others to know before they join.

cherry says: (4 years ago)
I like metro pcs :) they dont take your money away like Cingular that now its Att they ripted me off with 1,500

angelperez says: (4 years ago)
I guess I'm joining the club! Metro pcs is garbage. I am convinced that they are selling defective devices and they know it. I just bought the stupid LG Connect and the thing is driving me nuts!!!! At the store it works very fast, but at home: it will not connect to my network, drops calls, losses the signal, won't go on line, and the screen goes black during calls and it won't come back no matter what I do. I went back to the store the next day, to return it, but they told me that I was stuck with it; because I already had service with them. I even asked for a trade on one of lower price, me taking the loss, but they were concerned only about their "bottom line", not my satisfaction. I decided to call LG, and I think LG is part of the scam, because they know about these problems. What they offer was, to send the phone to them and if they cannot fix it, they will replace it with a refurbished one. My question is: Why should I accept a refurbished replacement, when I just bought the phone at full price? We need to get together and bring a class action suit against Metro pcs and LG. Maybe they conduct business that way in Korea, but in America consumers are supposed to have certain protections from crooks like these.

OZZIEHYPE says: (4 years ago)
To Metro Pcs, On April 25th, 2012 I went to inquire about purchasing a new phone at the Metro PCS store at 86-24 Rockaway Beach Blvd FAR ROCKAWAY QUEENS. I expressed my interest in a phone that has a built in router because where I work in Queens there is no internet service. I was told that the LG CONNECT 4G phone that I bought had a built in router. I went to work on April 28th all happy to show off my new phone to my co-workers & to my embarrassment, when I went to view a video on YouTube, no internet service. My co-workers who have AT&T,Verizon & Sprint have no problem getting internet with their Iphones. I could have bought a cheaper phone from your company instead of the most expensive one ($400). I expressed to the salesperson & store manager that I wanted a phone with a built in router & they assured me this phone had it. When I called Metro PCS about my phone not connecting to the internet in certain areas, the representative that I spoke to told me that the phone I purchased didn't have a built in router & that they were sorry. I then went back to the store & spoke to the manager about the wrong information that was told to me by them at this store & wanted to know what can be done to rectify this situation. Because of the 7 day or 60 minutes of talk time usage, whichever came first, the sales associate informed me that I couldn't get my money back because I used the phone for more than 60 minutes. The purpose of this letter is to inform the consumer not to buy this expensive phone the LG connect 4G. It's a waste of money! Now I am stuck with a phone that I can't even use where there is no internet service (Wifi). Just buy the cheapest phone from Metro PCS & just take advantage of their unlimited talk & text plan. I cancelled my Sprint account for nothing. Thanks for nothing METROPCS!!! FROM OZZIE

amigopcs says: (4 years ago)
hello people from america,i work for metropcs but i will be anonymous to protect myself.look,i will give you some advise to avoid issues with your service,and i used to work for boost mobile as well.1st feel lucky because nobody in the earth get a fkn cel phone for freaking 70dollars a month unlimited web access ok?only u americans do.2nd when u call if u want good service u should at least know ur freaking password to access ur account,why u dont even know that?dont be lazy and go to the store,there are a lot of stolen phones that some people are buying so before u activate a nice android phone u bought from 'a friend' call the company first or go to the store to make sure u can activated.we have a million calls a day with that and is not our problem.i get paid a little wage and i ll tell u later why but i like my job and helping you everyday,i have the best disposition to help you fix ur cel phone problem,but at least know that the person helping u wants u to fix ur problem and hear u r happy.all cell phone companies have the same terms and conditions,read them and learn about ur agreement when u activate a phoen,that way u wont be having a bad time with ur company,whichever that is,the ones who answers the phones to help u have families just like u and beleive me,i wish i was making the freaking minimum federal wage per hour...i ll be back later with more help,in the meantime,take the battery out of ur phone for 5 minutes,and also delete things u dont need in ur phone,they overwhelm the memory and makes the phone slow...namaste...

lroberts10 says: (4 years ago)
2 more years I would have been with MetroPcs a decade. It is a shame that they use cheap prices as an excuse for terrible customer service. The only reason MetroPcs is even still in business is due to the fact that they have no real competition. How long will that last, with advances in technology occuring so rapidly it will not be very long. Thomas C. Keys and Roger D. Linquist can either start taking customer complaints seriously or there will be many more loyal customers like myself taking my business elsewhere. I am tired of busted phones and even more fed up with customer service.

lam101169 says: (5 years ago)
WORST service in the history of cell carriers...If there is a worse service, I pity the poor bastards!! I bought a Samsung Admire; a decent enough, basic smart phone. I might as well have a tin can attached to a string, with the level of service I receive. Living in Warwick, RI, the largest city in the state, you'd think I'd get a hint of service. If I'm lucky, I have one bar at my residence. Basically, the only thing I can do, reliably, is texting. When i attempt to have a phone conversation of say, an hour's length, i have an average of 5 dropped calls. It's horrendous!! I pay $50 a month for service, which is wonderful, but what the hell good is it if I can't use the damned phone 95% of the time!!! Don't get me started about trying to get online, or attempting to go on Facebook. This service is not worth $10 a month, let alone $50! It's a joke, and don't even try to get customer service on the phone! I'm pretty sure they're aware of the abysmal service they provide, and this is the reason you can't even call and bitch about it. Keep it up, with the lousy, unreliable service, and you"ll lose all of your customers. I pray that happens. It's what Metro PCS deserves.

ihatestupidpeople says: (5 years ago)
i love metro pcs, they dont take my money away, one flat fee, really, no joke.. sorry but att ripped me off $1750, yeah the service isnt great, but it works for what i pay

helenedwards says: (5 years ago)
Echo Christina above. Got the Kyocera Neo 8/24/11 and I can't even hear what the recorded message is saying so that I can go through the activation steps. It's as if this company just decided to be an outright fraudulent enterprise. Really amazing. If our government really wanted to provide a service, they'd shut these guys down.

godlove says: (5 years ago)
frustrated and disappointed
This company is the worst out of all of those whom I had been with in the past. I Order a phone on line since last week august 9, today is the 18, of august still has not yet received my phone customer service is the worst people to work with they are a joke. I was told to call one of the head quarters in the Bronx the person only speaks Spanish so that was not help. Do not go to this company you will just be disappointed with tier service and professionalism. No training what so ever.

bohka says: (5 years ago)
Well first of all metro works great. All you high maintenance assholes that have to have the best need to shut the hell up already. I have never ever had any problems with metro. Their customer service is great and they always help when you need it. Maybe its where you people live that are the assholes and never help you :)

Sasha87 says: (5 years ago)
I went to MetroPCS's main corporate store in Jamaica, Queens to buy a phone. First of all i had to wait 2hrs to talk to a representative...When it was my turn finally; the Rep. Brandi was extremely rude and had no knowledge about service or phones what so ever. she wont answer my questions and would assume that since i am MetroPCS customer i should already know everthing about it...WOW..MetroPCS need to train its employees' basic rules of customer service and about its own products. The phone i bought is defected now i have no clue how can i get it exchanged. :(((

ladieismad says: (5 years ago)
I am a metropcs customer and I am so angry with the fact that the metropcs supervisor told me to upgrade my phone to 2.2 upgrade for my hauwei ascend i just bout the phone and now i have to pay for a brand new phone which is 40 dollers becuase i have insurance. and when i tryed to just tranfer back to my old phone they said that its 10 dollers and the insurance on my phone will no longer be there and to repay for insurance will be 45 dollars. This is wrong and should never be an option for metropcs's mistake I am very disatisfied with this and now i have no phone and i still have service cause i recently paid my bill. Horrible customer satisfaction!!!

shiralsh says: (5 years ago)
:(( I just went to buy a charger, so so expensive!!!
Also they saw that my phone wasn't working, and did nothing to fix it!! didn't give me a new phone, just expected me to pay more money!!!!
it doesn't worth it-the manager in the store was so mean to me!! and didn't try to help!! Is there any justice left in this world? Or will companies will try to get your money anyway they can...
I feel sorry for us- small people who are being taking advantage of.
I wish someone could do something about it!

worstService says: (6 years ago)
MetroPCS is the worst service ever. This is the worst experience and the worst decision ever made to switch to MetroPCS. I was fine with T-mobile. Customer service at metropcs pay foa a service and you don't get any. ................

chino20 says: (6 years ago)
how do i reset my metro pcs phone

MetroHater says: (6 years ago)
Worst cell phone service out there! A few of you said it is good as long as you don't travel. I traveled 5 feet and the call would drop. Even one of there own customer service reps (who actually spoke english)told me that I was smart to use my own phone whic i had converted over to metro, because all of the phones they sell are crap! That statement came from there own rep. I have sent many txt messages that never made it to the phone i was sending it to. Many times when i tried to place a call, I got a message saying "welcome to Sprint" So for all of you that think they have there own network think again because they don't. Run from this company. There customer service is crap, there phones are crap, and anyone who gives a good review is just a company employee.

hollyjacksonluvurmom says: (7 years ago)
i went to the metro pc place in leesburg florida at the mall and the sales man aka jason was very rude and would ignore me and my friend....when i asked him for assistance he continued to talk on his cellular phone and once i said something again he yelled "obviously your not here to pay a bill" i was apauled...and as he laughed in our faces my friend and i decided to take our buisness elsewhere because we were discusted with his service and attitude towards customers in need of assistance!!! he needs to be fired i will never ever even consider going to any metro pc place ever again!!! i repeat he needs to be fired immediately...good day sir


topdocdog says: (8 years ago)
In my home town we didn't have a METROPCS Store but we did have good signal, so I drove 80 miles to buy a phone. The first thing I noticed was that their customer service was almost non existent. Most of the employees could not speak English. I hand one 611 call answered in Spanish. I happen to speak Spanish so I asked her why she was answering the phone in Spanish, she told me it was a Mexican company?! I told her that as long as she was doing business in the US she should attempt to answer in English, she promptly hung up on me.

I helped a friend open a Pak and Mail store in a local shopping center and we had ample room to have a METROPCS storefront. We called the Corporate number in San Francisco a total number of 28 times with absolutely no response over a period of 30 days. Now 9 months later a new METROPCS Store opened in my town. I went in to see who was running it, guess what, all Hispanic. I have dropped my METROPCS in favor of ATT, at least they have customer service, and don't discriminate against gringos.

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